I'm 30 years old, living in Oxfordshire, UK, with my partner, Justine, our daughter, Amber, and Justine's three children, Jordan, Megan and Adam. Quite a house full!

I grew up in the Midlands, living in Birmingham until the age of 8 before my family moved to Staffordshire where I stayed until the age of 18. From there I moved to Manchester for 3 years to study Computer Science. Upon finishing my degree I secured myself a job in the Games Industry with a move to Oxfordshire. That's where I am now.

When not programming, or indeed playing, games I have a particular interest in hi-fi and home theatre. In turn this has made me a very passionate music lover; for me, nothing beats the ambience of a rustic jazz bar. I enjoy socialising and often combine this with sport in the form of a few frames of snooker. I have a soft spot for curry, both cooking and eating, some might even say a reputation!

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