SVN/Tortoise: Log entry missing ‘name’ attribute


Tonight, I’ve been battling an issue with a new Subversion repository, which I couldn’t seem to find a solution for using the world’s favourite search engine. I did, however, manage to find my own semi-solution so thought I’d share. I’m … Continue reading

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Preventing WordPress featured image being added to gallery


I spent a while whilst working on this site trying to fathom out how to add a featured image to a post, along with a gallery, but to not have the featured image show up in the gallery. The problem … Continue reading

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The beauty, and savings, of shopping online


(Earn cashback for shopping online at popular retailers: Quidco) I’m probably the world’s greatest advocate of online shopping, and this is why. I’ll start with an example: You’ve been given an old iPhone (lucky you!) and would like to buy … Continue reading

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A poem what I wrote

As mentioned on my Twitter stream, I was searching through my ‘old stuff’ box from the loft the other day and found a few old treasures such as the Blue Peter badge I won as a child (for their ‘Lead … Continue reading

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Spam protect ‘mailto:’ links


Whilst working on this site I thought it best to protect my new e-mail address, as my previous mail account had a bit of spam and it was annoying – I’d like to keep this account as spam free as … Continue reading

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The ‘Turnbull’ name


(03/12/11) I’m updating this post with the sad news that on 2nd December 2011, at 11:15am, my dear grandad, Walter Turnbull, passed away peacefully. Once again taken by that most evil of diseases that my family, and indeed the world, … Continue reading

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I’m trying out my new blogging setup – hopefully this post will be sent automagically to Twitter. Hopefully. Maybe. That is all!

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That’s better!

Well, it’s been a while (again!) but a lot has happened. I’ve been doing a lot of website work recently and so bit the bullet and have become a web-hosting reseller. It gives me the flexibility to create as many … Continue reading

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Remember me?

Well, it’s been a lot longer than it should have been since my last update! – things have been a bit hectic. The swift kick up the backside that caused me get this site up and running ASAP was the … Continue reading

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The calm between the storms..

I hope a merry Christmas was enjoyed by all. The highlight for me, other than seeing family and gluttony, was receiving the latest album of one of my favourite musicians: Jamie Cullum: The Pursuit (Special Edition). The included DVD features … Continue reading

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