Slow iPad WiFi?


Having bought my girlfriend an iPad for her birthday I was sure it would be a big hit. Sadly, it seemed to sit on the side quite a lot and instead she continued using her iPhone.


Basically, it was slow – more specifically, slow at loading web-pages, constantly failing to display the App Store and generally not behaving as expected. Every other device on my wireless network, including two iPhones, were running perfectly fine. After a bit of investigation I read suggestions such as changing the DNS, changing the WiFi security settings and changing more advanced settings in the router. None of this worked, but it seemed a common problem.

My solution

Quite simply, my router was set to support ‘b’, ‘g’ and ‘n’ protocols. I changed this to support just ‘g’ and suddenely everything was running as expected on the iPad. The isn’t an ideal solution but as no other device in my house really takes advantage of ‘n’ I don’t see it as too much of an issue. Fundamentally though, it seems the iPad has some flaws which Apple need to iron out. Hopefully these will come with the iPad 2 later this month.

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