Integrated WordPress adding slashes to POST data (Magic Quotes)


I’ve just encountered an issue with WordPress integration into WishForThis that I thought was worth mentioning. It’s in relation to Magic Quotes – PHP’s now defunct (well, from PHP 5.3.0 onwards) system for protecting new coders of PHP from the … Continue reading

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Fonts being resized on iPhone/Safari

Just a quick update. I’ve noticed on the iPhone version of this site, and others, that the main fonts are a lot larger than they should be. After a bit of investigation it turns out the issue is to do … Continue reading

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Integrated WordPress missing output on live server


I recently encountered a rather frustrating issue with WordPress integration within WishForThis. Everything worked as expected with my test version but when uploaded to the live server, most of the WordPress blog was missing, including Author, Categories, Tags etc.. After … Continue reading

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Code Snippet: Launch velocity from target position and angle


This is the first of hopefully many little coding snippets; pieces of code I feel may be useful to others. Most of the code will come from theRedEngine, the 3D Engine I’ve been working on for a few years now, … Continue reading

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