WD TV Live ‘Invalid username or password’


The Western Digital TV Live is an excellent piece of kit, you can throw anything at it and the WDTV will play it. The main reason I purchased it was to stream content from my PC, via. network shares. At … Continue reading

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WishForThis (Beta) now open to UK users!


After many late nights, I’ve managed to get the Beta of WishForThis up and running with registration enabled for UK users. So what is WishForThis you ask? Here’s the blurb: ‘The answer to the question, “What would you like..?”. Be … Continue reading

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Domain parking/redirection loop bug in cPanel


I suffered an issue the other day that I though might be worth a mention. As well as MishterTea.com, I also own the domain MishterTea.co.uk. To get the .co.uk domain to forward to the .com site I added the .co.uk … Continue reading

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Chilli (Con Carne) with balls


I like chillies. I _really_ like them. I’ll add them to pretty much anything, but Chilli Con Carne is the perfect marriage. Over the past few years I’ve used the same recipe, which usually get’s a good reception, so thought … Continue reading

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PHP crc32 inconsistent return values across servers

I’ve been beavering away recently on WishForThis and encountered a nice little issue, worthy of a quick blog post. I use crc32 in PHP for some hashing, which is all fine and dandy for my purposes, but when my site … Continue reading

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Prevent duplicate messages with Outlook rules

A quick post here for anyone that’s added a rule to Outlook and since had duplicate messages appearing. The problem is that Outlook doesn’t terminate when it processes the first rule it matches, so it’ll carry on until everything is … Continue reading

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