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Whilst trying to validate this site using the W3C validator ( – very handy to check your site conforms to standards – something for another blog), I found an issue with the (official) Twitter widget I use refusing to validate. The widget code is as follows:


    NOTE: I’ve added the ‘DELETETHIS’ to the id to prevent the Twitter widget to the right of this blog injecting it’s code into this post. The syntax highlighter also appears to have removed double quotes around id’s and target’s for some reason.

    The problem is the empty <ul></ul> statement – it’s not valid XHTML 1.1. The solution?

    • Attempting to load Twitter feed..

    All I’ve done is added a <li>Attempting to load Twitter feed..</li> – this allows it to validate and handily, also allows you to display a message whilst the widget is loading..

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