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I currently have about 15 e-mail accounts for various sites I have set up. I’ve added them to my iPhone but they all get jumbled up – OCD not happy! Having searched through every menu possible, I couldn’t find a way to re-order my accounts. But, there’s a trick!

NOTE: This assumes you have Outlook or another mail client supported by iTunes in use, with your mail accounts attached. I also find it best to delete all mail accounts from my phone before doing this.

Open up iTunes, select your phone and go to the ‘Info’ tab – scroll down and find the ‘Sync Mail Accounts from’ option – tick it and select your mail client. Now select the account you want to be first in the list and ‘Apply’ it. You may have to use the ‘Replace information on this iPhone’ button in the ‘Advanced’ section at the bottom of the page to get the first account to stick. Next, keeping the previous account selected, tick then next account you’d like in the list and ‘Apply’. Repeat as necessary.

It’s a bit messy, and will have to be re-done if you add new accounts but it works. Hopefully Apple will eventually provide a simpler, phone based, solution..

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