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As mentioned on my Twitter stream, I was searching through my ‘old stuff’ box from the loft the other day and found a few old treasures such as the Blue Peter badge I won as a child (for their ‘Lead Free’ competition) and a load of embarassing old photos, which I hope to scan at some point. On top of that I found a poem I wrote for a school project, aged 14, which is quite special to me. It was inspired by a poem written by the late, great, Spike Milligan and made my English teacher cry when she read it for the first time in class. The mature me wants to edit/correct/improve it, but that would be wrong, so here it is, untouched:

It’s a Dog’s Life

My master enters, I slowly rise.
His humble, stuttery voice calls.
I greet him, full of energy, though he is not.
I watch as his shaking hand lifts food to his mouth,
which calmly chews, then swallows.
Chews, then swallows.
He hobbles over to his chair with the aid of his stick,
such a long journey.
He sits staring, staring at me, his only family.
I hear him breathing, his lungs gasping for air.
Then slowly, very slowly, this sound fades.
And as his head drops, mine drops,
as his spirit flies aways.
My master, the controller of my life, has gone.
I sit here waiting, praying that I can join him,
because down here,
my life is not worth living.

This poem was entered into a competition run by the International Society of Poets in Summer 1996. It reached the finals and was also to be included in the book ‘Between a Laugh and a Tear’. Instrumental to this poem and it’s ‘success’ was my mother, Wendy, who lost a long, incredibly brave, battle to an evil disease in 1999. Words cannot describe what we, her family, and most importantly, she, went through during this time. This poem will forever be dedicated to her, along with a profound thankyou. You’ll be forever missed and forever remembered.

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