That’s better!

Well, it’s been a while (again!) but a lot has happened.

I’ve been doing a lot of website work recently and so bit the bullet and have become a web-hosting reseller. It gives me the flexibility to create as many sites as I like, when I like – you can find out for yourselves here. It’s given me the flexibility to make some changes I’ve been planning for a while.

Firstly, what was has now become, along with a re-design, move to Apache/PHP (yay!) and a few other changes. I’ve finally got some propper blogging software in place! (Although I’m still working on it’s integration).

Secondly, iWisht has started the transition to WishForThis. It’s partially live, and still work in progress – you can visit it but not register and there may be bugs.

Right, this is just a quick update - I’m going to work on the blogging code right now and once in place will hopefully be posting a lot more often, with comments enabled etc..

Until next time..

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